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Earthsong Sustainable Living Festival

No dogs or smoking, please.

Cost: $10

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Find out how sustainable living works in practice.

Interested in community living, sustainable housing, and permaculture? Come and visit Earthsong Eco-Neighbourhood in Ranui for a day of workshops, activities, stalls, and live music.

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Chat with the residents over a cup of coffee and discover how Earthsong was developed as a collective. The project continues to run as a self-managed community aiming for social, environmental, and economic sustainability. Meet people involved in local conservation and sustainability initiatives, and enjoy live music from local artists. The event offers activities for kids and adults, as well as food, drink, music, and a sense of community.

A shared celebration of living sustainably, resiliently, and regeneratively together.

There will be no off-street parking available; please walk, bike, or take public transport! Bus stops for the 147 and 149 are right out front and around the corner, a 7-minute walk from Rānui train station.

Welcome to Earthsong Eco-Neighbourhood

Earthsong is an innovative urban cohousing development in west Auckland, New Zealand, and a model of socially and environmentally sustainable urban living.

As our contribution to a peaceful and healthy planet, we make available on this website extensive information about our design, systems and processes. We invite you to browse and use any of these resources, with due acknowledgement to Earthsong Eco-Neighbourhood. We'd love to hear what you have found useful and how you have used it!

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Earthsong Festival on April 6th

Public Tour Dates for 2024:

May 25th
August 24th
November 2nd.

Public Tours start at 10am.
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Online Seminar Series

"Cohousing - From Wow! to How..." 


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Phone: +64 9 832 5558

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Cohousing for Life by Robin Allison 

Robin’s book is a very personal story of the collective endeavour of developing Earthsong Eco-Neighbourhood. It also describes the key elements and structures that allowed a diverse group to create a large, innovative housing development. 

To purchase the book use this link and$5 will be donated to the Earthsong Centre Trust

For more information about the book, click here