Presentations, Workshops & Consultancy

Presentations, Workshops and Consultancy

The Earthsong Educational Collective offers presentations and seminars on cohousing, permaculture, eco-design and community organizational structures at other locations on request.

Workshops can be tailored to assist community projects, ranging from tools for group effectiveness and community governance, to collaborative design, project planning and development issues.

Facilitation, advice and project management are also offered on a consultancy basis for intentional community projects at all stages of their development.

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Whether you are looking for a keynote speech on socially and environmentally sustainability communities or participatory governance, a presentation at a university or community group, or an expert witness for a sustainable community planning hearing, we have the expertise and broad experience to inform and inspire.

Workshops tailored to assist community projects are offered through the Earthsong Educational Collective, including:

  • Developing and agreeing on a cohesive group vision
  • Project planning – how to get from the vision to the built reality
  • Tools for group effectiveness and community governance
  • Harnessing group creativity – collaborative design processes
  • Development issues, including design, legal and financial structures, feasibilities, and sales – bringing it all together

Consultation, facilitation and project management for sustainable communities are also available through the Collective.

To discuss your requirements and what we can offer, please phone 09 832 9998 or email