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Unit 9, Earthsong, for sale

Built 20 years ago as part of the Earthsong Eco-Neighbourhood in Ranui, Auckland, Unit 9 is a two-bedroom terrace house on a 128sqm Unit Title section. It is 87.4sqm with one bathroom, the two bedrooms, loft and attic upstairs.

The house is built with natural materials, rammed earth walls, exposed macrocarpa and externally clad in Lawson Cypress. No chemical treatments have been used in the timbers, but all materials are approved by the city council. It has solar hot water and all construction has a council permit.

There is a pergola and private garden area on the north (sunny) side of the house and the house has a carport at the end of the driveway with a 16 amp EV charging point installed.

If you are interested in living at Earthsong, please check out the Buying and Renting section

To view Unit 9, please contact Raymond Vogt, raymond@earthsong.org.nz

or phone 021-151 4067.

Not just a house

However, if you buy at Earthsong, you’re not just buying a house – you’re buying a lifestyle. It’s important to understand what that means and you will have to visit several times before you decide if it’s for you. Earthsong is a community, which means you’re going to know your neighbours, but it also means you will need to take them into consideration when you are planning activities. We have agreements about avoiding the use of poisons and pesticides in our gardens, for example, and if you plan to change or extend your house we have a process so your neighbours know what is happening and can express any concerns.

We make decisions about the property together. There is a permaculture group for the gardens, another group takes responsibility for the commonhouse, the workshop and general maintenance. Any costs are covered by the body corporate, which means that our body corp not only pays for path lights and insurance, but it buys plants for the gardens and food for the chickens. Unit 9’s body corp fees are $178.73 a month at the moment, which includes insurance.

Earthsong runs its own body corp, which not only keeps costs down but also means we as a group make all decisions about what the money will be spent on. For example, we decided 2 years ago that the body corp should spend $50,000 on a solar array that now provides up to 25% of our electricity needs. We have also decided the body corp should save for long-term maintenance and there is currently over $200,000 put aside for that.

Working together

By working as a group, we also save money on services. We have a shared laundry and shared gardening equipment and we run our own internal LAN for the internet. As a result, Unit 9’s monthly charge for electricity, water and internet combined is only $125.

Another advantage of living at Earthsong is the shared community facilities. While Unit 9 is small by modern standards, you will have a large commonhouse available to you. Capable of holding up to 100 people, it can be used for events such as birthday parties, meetings, even weddings.

The commonhouse is the hub of the community and twice a week we gather for a meal together. We cook for each other, with each team taking one turn a month to cook for around 50 people. If that sounds daunting at first, you can start by paying $10 a meal and eat without having to join a team.

The commonhouse also has a guest room, yoga room, office and a small meeting room. Nearby is the workshop, which is well equipped with woodworking equipment. All residents can use the workshop, once they have had safety training.

A community

There are 32 houses at Earthsong, ranging from one-bedroom units to 4-bedroom houses. Some are rented, but most are resident-owned. About 70 people live here, ranging in age from babies through to people in their seventies. They enjoy shared access to an orchard, gardens and open grass areas. There is a dedicated teen room, an outdoor climbing area for older children and a safe playroom for toddlers.

To view Unit 9, please contact Raymond Vogt, raymond@earthsong.org.nz or 021-151 4067.

If you are interested in living at Earthsong, please check out the Buying and Renting section