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Walk to Work - Development Partners wanted

A mixed-use commercial and residential cluster is envisaged, compatible with the vision and values of Earthsong, and contributing to the diverse cultural character of Ranui. A covenant relating to the vision and values of Earthsong is on the title and is available on request. There is also an access and services easement across the west of the site connecting Earthsong Eco-Neighbourhood to Swanson Road.

The initial concept for developing the site is a 3-4 level building with shops, offices, consulting rooms and perhaps educational facilities on the lower levels, and residential apartments on the upper levels.

The shareholders of Walk-to-Work Eco-Developments Ltd now want to meet with potential business partners to develop this project. We also welcome interest from small businesses who could be future tenants, and any ethically aligned ideas compatible with our vision for this site.

Email: walk2work0612@gmail.com

The “Walk to Work” land is situated at 449-455 Swanson Road, to the south of Earthsong Eco-Neighbourhood and fronting onto Swanson Road. The full site, of 3860 m2, has recently been zoned “Business – Local Centre” and is owned by Walk-to-Work Eco-Developments Ltd, a company set up by Earthsong members (now shareholders).


Our vision is to develop a successful and inspiring commercial and residential cluster that will serve as a model of a socially, environmentally and economically sustainable town centre development.

Within this vision our aims are to:

o design and construct a cohesive mixed-use development whose layout, buildings and services demonstrate the highest practical standards of sustainability.

o complement and enhance the vision and values of Earthsong Eco-Neighbourhood

o contribute to the revitalisation and unique cultural character of Ranui.


Ranui is a culturally diverse West Auckland suburb, located between Henderson and Swanson, and with access to the Waitakere ranges and Te Henga/Bethells Beach. Ranui has a vibrant village centre, including the beautiful Ranui Library, Korero Café, supermarket, medical centre and pharmacy, laundry, bakeries, dairies and fast food outlets. Two excellent sports parks are home to a variety of sports teams, including the Waitemata Seagulls rugby team. Two primary schools are within Ranui and five secondary schools are within biking distance. Several churches and a Mosque are in the neighbourhood.

Ranui is home to a number of innovative organisations and community development projects such as Ranui Action Project, Ranui Community House, Ranui Community Gardens and of course Earthsong Eco-Neighbourhood.

Ranui is on the Western train line, with the Ranui Train Station a short walk (8 mins) from Earthsong. Bus services are improving in line with the Auckland Plan.

The Walk to Work project offers an exciting opportunity to build an innovative business and retail hub right in the heart of the Ranui community.

Please email walk2work0612@gmail.com for more information.